Dark Amber & Sandalwood Diffuser


Our Dark Amber & Sandalwood diffuser provides a deep and exotic fragrance, allow yourself to renew and restore your spirits whilst relaxing in this beautiful aroma. 

Our essential oil diffusers will fill your room with a beautifully natural fragrance, with top notes of cedar wood, sultry core notes of sandalwood, combined delicately with  patchouli base notes which lift and blend this stunningly earthy scent.

Diffusers are a great alternative to candles, so sit back, relax and enjoy the Hygge experience.  

Diffuser Care:

If you love a beautiful strong scent from your diffuser it is recommended that you increase the amount of reeds being used. The fragrant oil is soaked into the reeds and simply diffused along its entire length. If you prefer a softer more subtle fragrance within your room, simply remove a reed or two. 

Flipping your reeds will keep the fragrance fresh, you will need to do this every couple of days. Please note the more you turn your reeds the quicker the oil will disperse.

Volume 200ml. Usage time: 6-9 Months

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