Lovely Collection Rebrand

We have been working so hard behind the scenes and finally the wait is over.

Introducing Hygge & Home and we hope you love the brand as much as we do.

When creating the lovely collection it came from a true love of scents and home fragrances, and a real passion for creating beautiful atmospheres with candle light.  The Lovely Collection worked at the time, and our main focus was on the quality of the collection but on reflection the brand didn’t reflect and represent how I wanted it too, so fast forward 12 months and our vision for Hygge & Home has come to life.

We wanted a name that represented the brands core and what we are about.

Hygge means enjoying the simple pleasures in life and appreciating every single moment, being happy and content.

For me the simple act of lighting a candle in your home is quite simply the art of happiness.

Although winter is considered the hygge high season as everyone cozies up indoors to escape the cold, hygge can also be found in the summertime and all seasons of the year.

Think of your favourite warm weather moments – picnics, bike rides, outdoor concerts, farmers markets, stepping on to a beautiful golden beach and dipping your toes in the Caribbean sea ( my personal Hygge moment) warm nights in your garden with a glass of wine, listening to music and surrounding yourself with friends and family being with loved ones who make us feel safe.

So we welcome you to the brand, and we thank you for your continued support in making our visions and dreams into a reality.

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